2013-06-07 16:31:38 by ElykSirrom

You guys might have noticed I was gone for a bit.
Well don't worry!
I was just taking a little break!
I will continue to upload art here every once in a while!
Well,hope y'all never doubt and Sirromnia out!

Got Requests?

2013-02-10 13:42:01 by ElykSirrom

Hey,it's me,your friend ElykSirrom,of!
If you've got art requests,just tell me.
However,there are rules:
1.No nudity.
2.I will start by doing stuff going up to E-T rating.
3.I will NOT do any sensual and/or sexual pics.
and 4.Don't make me do anything too bloody.
That's all for now.
Until then,peace out!